#sotn14: Do a thing

#sotn14 has started today in Trieste. Live streaming on State of the Net website. Here is my opening speech.

Buongiorno! Benvenuti a Trieste.

We struggle every year to be here with you.
The first news is: here we are. Again.

This was a tough year too. But we’d like not to talk about the future of the conference, during the conference. So, be sure that you will be informed, but not now.
We often hear that “the world is changing”. By hearing “the world”, we feel a kind of relief. Ok! It’s the world, not my company, not my town, not my friends. We can go on like before.

Well. Wrong.

The world is changing, one little thing at a time. We are changing it. We human, not some robot. We the people, with great ideas, hard work, fail and passion (because money is not enough to bring change). The good thing is that the ability to bring change – in some cases – is really empowered. The technology is the accelerator, but who made technology? Just humans can think different. We have access to knowledge, we have access to technology. We just need to do things.
We are changing, our economy is changing. We do think online, our operating system is the Internet. When we don’t realize this, we feel the pain. So many companies feel the pain, many Italian companies too.

You have to face the truth. So we wanted to do something. State of the Net. We do it because we like it. And basically, we do it because we all want a (good and beautiful) thing to be done.

Maybe you can remember something if I say “Just do it”. Let’s say “Do-a-thing”. It’s kind of a start.

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